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September 2016: Practical tips for getting the most out of your RM software






1. Eight Awesome Ways That Metadata Supercharges Your RM Software

Metadata and RIM Software

Metadata plays a critical role in records and information management software.

However, not everyone is familiar with the role of metadata and the value it can deliver, so we created this guide to help. It offers essential information for organizations thinking about implementing RM software, and those that want to get more from their existing system.

The white paper provides:

  • an overview of what metadata is
  • a list of what is involved in designing and implementing metadata
  • real-world examples of how metadata adds value to RM software.
Download the white paper >



2. How-To Video: Personalizing TAB FusionRMS

Personalizing Your Records Management Software Interface

TAB FusionRMS allows you to personalize the user interface in order to work faster and manage privacy and security. This walk-through video shows you how to customize the task list, and adjust views and filters in order to mask sensitive fields such as Social Security Numbers.

Watch the video >



3. Document Imaging Helps You Get More From Your RM Software

document imaging and records management software

Document imaging offers a great way to take advantage of the full capabilities of RM software.

If you are already using RM software to track paper records – and if you have a well-designed classification scheme in place – you are well positioned to go electronic. You can start scanning existing documents (back-scanning) or newly created documents (day-forward scanning) and slot those into your existing RM software’s electronic records module. With a common classification scheme, electronic records are handled by the system in the exact same way as your physical records – making for a seamless transition into digital RM.

Learn about TAB’s document imaging services >
Learn about managing electronic records in TAB FusionRMS >



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