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Specialized Storage Solutions

Our storage solutions are custom designed to adapt to your specific environment and needs. From the simplest form such as our lateral mobile system to our most heavy-duty electrical high-density system, we have the solution that’s right for you!

TAB has worked with a diverse number of clients in a variety of industries. We offer a full range of products and services to facilitate the implementation of your overall storage and space planning needs.

  • weapons storage cabinets and racks

    Weapons Storage Cabinets and Racks

    TAB’s versatile weapons storage systems are designed to keep weapons, equipment and ammunition secure, protected and ready to mobilize.

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  • government and military storage

    Government and Military Storage

    Using a high-density mobile storage system will provide convenience, security, quick access and personnel safety.

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  • property and evidence storage

    Public Safety and Justice Storage

    TAB storage systems for law enforcement offices, crime labs, courthouses, and correctional facilities provide high-density storage for property & evidence, weapons, linens and laundry, personal effects and more.

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  • storage for medical supplies

    Healthcare and Medical Supplies Storage

    Issues emerging in today’s healthcare sector are forcing a change in storage and space planning requirements. TAB offers high-density storage for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, linens and more.

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  • university library shelving

    University and Library Storage

    TAB multi-use storage can provide the right solution for books and media in libraries, musical instruments and sheet music, archived items, athletic equipment, etc.

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  • museum storage

    Museum Storage

    TAB's high-density mobile storage provides the unique solution required for museum collections and specimens.

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  • retail and inventory storage

    Retail and Inventory Storage

    Achieve maximum storage space for your inventory and free up valuable retail space by using TAB’s mobile shelving systems.

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  • high-density storage for boxes

    Box and Archival Storage

    Learn more about TAB's storage solutions for archived materials, books, boxes, media, magnetic tapes, CDs or DVDs, film cans, files, tools, videos, bulk storage and more.

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Architect Seminars

AIA/CES Seminars:

As an educational service to the architects and designers, TAB offers AIA/CES registered seminars on storage space planning. Each seminar is approximately an hour long and features a variety of storage applications, which demonstrate how TAB can help you save valuable time during your storage space planning projects. Authorized members of TAB can present the educational seminars at facilities throughout the US.

Contact us if you are interested in earning AIA/CES continuing education credits. You can also visit our Architect-focused website to learn more: http://architect.tab.com.

TAB provides mobile shelving and other records management products and solutions for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. To find out more about our high-density mobile shelving systems, complete our response form or call to reach a rep at one of our offices in Washington, Houston, Colorado, Wisconsin, San Diego, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boston, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Akron, Chicago and Tennessee.

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