Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Physical filing and storage

TAB’s physical filing and storage solutions help you access information quickly and accurately. And we help you minimize the space required to do it.

You will save money on storage, improve worker productivity and minimize the risk of lost or misfiled documents.

Our filing and storage products address the entire document lifecycle, from creation to destruction. This includes file folders, labels, fixed and mobile shelving, records management software and more.

high-density mobile rolling shelving systems
High-density mobile shelving systems
Mobile shelving systems are the most compact, efficient way to store paper files and other physical media.
file folders
File folders
Our file folders are designed and built by TAB for optimal visibility, fast retrieval and maximum longevity.
Filing systems
TAB's complete filing system including file labels have set the industry standard ever since we invented and patented the CompuColor color code filing system back in 1972. Choose from pre-printed color labels or blank labels for printing yourself.
TABQUIK colour coded labels on demand
TABQUIK® labeling software
Save time and money by printing your own color-coded file labels.
TAB FusionRMS file tracking software
TAB FusionRMS file tracking software
Track, share and manage your physical information.
office filing cabinets
Filing and storage cabinets
Our modular, secure filing cabinets can be configured for any need and for any environment.
fixed file shelving system
High-density open shelving
Streamlined and easy to install, our fixed, open shelving systems are optimized for fast document retrieval.
specialized storage
Specialized storage
TAB storage and shelving solutions are perfect for a wide variety of storage needs, including: healthcare, property and evidence, retail inventories and more.

Get in touch to learn how we can optimize the way you store, access and manage paper documents and other physical inventories.

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