Industry solutions

Industry solutions


The healthcare industry comes with a unique set of challenges, including tight budgets, growing volumes of sensitive information, and a highly regulated environment.

TAB works with hundreds of organizations representing different domains within the healthcare industry. We have developed a number of solutions to address specific issues faced by healthcare organizations.

Scan and abstract patient chart data

Complete, accurate patient charts are critical for delivering timely, high-quality patient care. TAB can help you scan and abstract patient chart data for import into your EHR system.

Manage drug trial records

Drug trials generate a high volume of information that must be cataloged and securely maintained for compliance reasons. TAB provides strategies, products and software to help you stay compliant and manage electronic and physical drug trial records.

AutoFile incoming patient chart data

TAB’s SimpleChart solution helps healthcare providers index patient chart documents and file them in the EHR system. Our outsourced solution “autofiles” faxes and other documents into all major EHR / HIM systems, including Allscripts, NextGen, Cerner, Epic Systems, and GE Healthcare.

Migrate to electronic health records

To accelerate your move to electronic health records, TAB’s expert consultants can help you develop EHR implementation plans that include proven methodologies, technologies and change management strategies.

Minimize records and supply storage costs

File storage costs put the squeeze on already tight healthcare budgets. TAB helps you minimize records storage costs with compact, efficient shelving solutions and purges of unneeded paper and electronic documents. In addition, TAB’s affordable healthcare storage solutions provide secure access to supplies, medicine, pharmaceuticals, equipment, linens and uniforms.



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