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File folder accessories

folder accessories

Our Products and Services

File folder accessories

TAB provides an extensive line of accessories to help you tailor your filing system to your exact needs.

vinyl pockets for folders

Vinyl pockets

Durable self-adhesive pockets help organize media inside folders. Available in credit card, microfiche and loose-leaf sizes.

cardboard file storage box

Storage boxes

TAB’s unique design allows you to store side-tab folders in legal or letter sizes.

manila folder pocket

One-piece manila pockets

These one-piece pockets are closed on two edges and have a reinforced side tab and an angled front.

mylar folder tab protection slip

Mylar protection strips

These clear, pressure-sensitive strips reinforce your folder, while preventing smudging of typed labels.

foam clips and fasteners for file folders

Foam clips and fasteners

Organize two-hole punched paper in your folder. Available as self-adhesive or factory installed.

docuclip fastener for folder - convert folder to binder

Docuclip fasteners

Docuclip is a unique self-adhesive fastener that can easily and effectively turn any folder into a two-inch capacity binder. Plastic legs permit pages to be inserted or removed without disturbing preceding pages.

file divider


Easily separate and classify contents within your folders.

charge out slips for filing

Charge-out slips

Track the name of the borrower and when the file was used.

vinyl charge out guides for filing

Vinyl charge-out guide

Mark the spot where a file needs to be returned and hold incoming material while the folder is out.

More File Folder Add-ons

expansion pockets


TAB provides a wide assortment of pocket designs, allowing you to accommodate documents and media of varying sizes.



TAB offers a range of indexes to make it easy to find your information. We can also custom create indexes to your unique specifications.

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