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tabZEROfile is an affordable, 100% recyclable, carbon-neutral folder made from certified products from well-managed forests.

By taking a holistic view of the product manufacturing lifecycle, including packaging, transportation and disposal, TAB has created a true, environmentally friendly product. Even the packaging is recyclable and reusable. tabZEROfile is the perfect eco-friendly folder for organizations that are doing all they can to reduce their impact on our environment.

Carbon neutral

TAB partnered with ZeroFootprint to calculate the carbon emissions created in the production of tabZEROfile. We then offset those emissions by funding a forest restoration project as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing TAB’s carbon footprint.


  • product and packaging are 100% recyclable
  • made from certified products from well-managed forests
  • packaging is 100% recycled content
  • packaging designed to be re-used as an offsite storage box
  • highly durable
  • same price as a standard folder

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